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We would like to announce that Dusa McDuff will be speaking in colloquium on March 31 and Vaughan Jones will be speaking in colloquium on April 3. All participants are invited to attend one or both colloquium talks. However, we cannot provide funding for lodging the nights of Thursday March 30 or Sunday April 2.

Saturday's Schedule (for printable version, click here)

Time Swain East 105 Swain East 140 Swain East 240
9 - 10 Arrival, refreshments, and registration
Rawles Hall
10 - 11 Keynote Address: "Symplectic Topology Today"
by Dusa McDuff
SUNY Stony Brook
Myers Hall 130
11:30 - 12 "Introduction to Handle-Body Decompositions"
by Catherine Pfaff,
*Swain East 010
"Knots and categories"
by Chris Brav,
Queens U. (Can)
"Deformations of coisotropic submanifolds"
by Noah Kieserman,
12 - 2 Lunch
2 - 2:30 “Why is Khovanov homology so cool?”
by Allison Henrich,
“Stabilizations of Heegaard splittings of graph manifolds”
by Ryan Derby-Talbot,
U. Texas
“The Group of Hamiltonian homeomorphisms and C0-Symplectic Geometry”
by Stefan Mueller,
2:45 - 3:15 “The torsions of Reidemeister, Milnor, and Turaev”
by Chris Truman,
“Atiyah's Power Operations in Complex K-Theory”
by Barry Walker,
“Kähler decomposition of 4-manifolds”
by R. Inanç Baykur,
Mich. State
3:45 - 4:15 “Representing homology classes with embedded submanifolds”
by Zsuzsanna Dancso,
“Topological transformation groups and equivariant extension theorems: An action filled introduction”
by Aasa Feragen,
Helsinki (Finland)
“Khovanov Homology & Reidemeister Torsion”
by Juan Ariel Ortiz-Navarro,
4:30 - 5 “Intrinsically n-linked Complete Bipartite Graphs”
by Danielle O’Donnol,
“The Extension of 'Topological-Style' Knot Invariants to Tangles”
by John Armstrong,
“Poisson Structures on SL(3)xSL(3)//SL(3)”
by Sean Lawton,
6 - ? Dinner at Indiana Memorial Union

Sunday's Schedule (for printable version, click here)

Time Swain East 105 Swain East 140 Swain East 240
9 - 10 Keynote Address: "Planar Algebras"
by Vaughan Jones
UC Berkeley
Myers Hall 130
10:30 - 11 "Splittings of 3-Manifold Groups over Surface Groups"
by Eric Zupunski,
“Surfaces in 4-ball and the 4-ball genus of knots”
by Selahi Durusoy,
Michigan State
“A Homological Algebraic Approach to the Tutte Polynomial”
by Edna Fanny Jasso-Hernandez,
George Washington U
11:15 - 11:45 “An Ice Model for the Jones Polynomial”
by Neil R. Nicholson,
“Computing stable homotopy groups using number theory”
by Andrew Salch,
“A Computational Tool for Mapping Class Groups”
by Micah W. Chrisman,
12 - 12:30 “Spin 6-manifolds”
by Ahmet Beyaz,
UC Irvine
“Can the Jones polynomial detect knottedness?”
by Kerry Luse,
George Washington U
“Units in Equivariant Spectra”
by Rekha Santhanam,

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